Meditation Kit

The BreatheIn meditation kit contains a guidebook and a journal that serve as a useful and essential learning tool for meditation beginners. 

Guide to Meditation

Everyday Advice for Beginners

The Guide to Meditation book is your personal trainer to
guide you anywhere and anytime you want to practice meditation. It provides you basic meditation techniques, knowledge, and tips. It is small but essential for your daily meditation practice. In your bag, purse or pocket, you can take this guidebook everywhere life takes you—business
trips, vacation, or just a trip to the park!


Get started! Your personal meditation trainer

8 simple steps for beginners

Basic knowledge of meditation

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Mindful Journal

Daily Practice and Reflections for Living in the Present Moment

The Mindful Journal is a 60-day reflection writing book
that helps you release stress, cultivate gratitude, and live in the moment. Use it to clear your mind before meditating, or to end your meditation session on an inspiring note. As you start your journaling practice, you’ll find yourself gradually feeling more present not only during your meditation sessions but in your daily life as well.


Daily gratitude, reflection, and stress relievers

Undated, so you can start anytime

Prompts and reminders for staying on track

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